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Handcrafted Artisan Lip Balm

Handcrafted Artisan Lip Balm

Enjoy our Hancrafted Lip Balm made with real beeswax. Most of the beeswax is from our own hives as our supply allows.  These lip balms started out as an idea from my youngest daughter and were named after her as Cheyenne's Beeutiful Balms, now under the Starbird Hill Farm products list.  Cheyenne worked long and hard trying to find a recipie that helped keep lips soft and moisturized and still keep all the nasty chemicals out.  The formula that she uses is wonderful and you'll enjoy every time you  use it!


What does Artisan mean? It means that we handcraft our lip balm in small batches using quality raw ingredients.  Each tube in individually poured, capped and labeled all by hand.  You can rest easy knowing that your body care product is created in a clean environment by Cheyenne or I.  

  • How to Use

    Apply a thin coat of lip balm to your lips as needed.

  • Ingredients

    Beeswax, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Calendula Oil, and Flavor Oil

PriceFrom $3.00